Case Studies

Case Studies from our debt solutions partners – Clients we have successfully referred:

Before I spoke to my debt advisor Adam, I thought that bankruptcy and losing my home was inevitable due to the level of debt that I was struggling with.

I am now over three years into my IVA, I will be debt free in under two years, and I am paying back under half of what I was paying before on a monthly basis.

If all goes to plan, I will hopefully see at least £20,000 written off my £50,000 debt!

Emma, Birmingham

Before I enquired on your website, I had no idea that companies could help me deal with my debts. I know that I should have sorted out my problems before they got so bad, however, it got to the stage that I could not deal with the creditors myself. I owed £20,000 in unsecured debt, and was paying back £400 per month.

I am now paying £200 per month into a Trust Deed which I signed a few months ago, and I will be debt free in under three years. My Insolvency Practitioner has confirmed that I will pay back just over £7,000 in total.

John, Aberdeen